Straight talk with sass – hold the bull!

I have been following Molly Patrick since see started blogging.  It has been quite a ride.  Molly is a very colorful and interesting blogger. She truly understands the difficulty of following a healthy diet and shedding your demons in the process because she lived it.  She knows, first hand, what it takes to transition from the standard american way of eating to a whole unprocessed … Continue reading Straight talk with sass – hold the bull!

Wheatgrass -More than just a healthy lawn!

You can’t enter the health world without crossing the path of Wheatgrass.  It shows up everywhere-in books, magazines , articles, television and also at high-end juice shops. But what is Wheatgrass?  Wheatgrass is the young shoot of Wheat.  This is the same Wheat that is used for making bread but for Wheatgrass it is harvested at a young growth point when the blade first splits. … Continue reading Wheatgrass -More than just a healthy lawn!

Skyebird Organic – Orlando

Over the last 5 years or so I have been noticing a trend in food.  It kind of follows the whole farm to table movement.  It is the rise of the food marketplace.  You mainly see them in large urban centers where the rent on larger warehouse type buildings allows for some creative use of the space.  One great example of this type of marketplace … Continue reading Skyebird Organic – Orlando

You can’t visit Hawaii without having some Poi!!

Yes any trip to Hawaii would not be complete without the native staple food called Poi.  It is the one thing, other than fantastic weather, that Hawaii is well known for.  But what is Poi and what does it taste like?  Honestly I have been to Hawaii several times and I don’t remember trying it so a recent article by Frederic Patenaud at Renegade Health … Continue reading You can’t visit Hawaii without having some Poi!!

Kale Krunchy Kale Chips

I love kale chips if they are done right.  What I mean by right is probably a personal preference thing but I do not like Garlic or Onion so I prefer my Kale with more simple yet flavorful ingredients like Lemon and Nutritional Yeast (Nooch for the foody hipsters).  If you do not know what Kale Chips are they are basically Kale that is torn … Continue reading Kale Krunchy Kale Chips

And they sell toothpaste too!

A few months ago I was waiting for a smoothie I had ordered in a small health-food restaurant near Chicago called Karyn’s.  Karyn’s is sort of famous in Chicago because it has been around for a long time.  Karyn Calabrese, the owner, is a fixture on the local health scene. She was doing health food when it was not mainstream but more of a hippie … Continue reading And they sell toothpaste too!