Getting Juiced in Columbus!

During a recent visit to the center of Ohio, in the capital of that fine state, Columbus, I had the opportunity to try their healthy offerings.  I was very impressed with the local organic juice shops that I had the chance to try.  The first was called “Native” and was located in an area of Columbus called “South Short”.  They had a nice storefront with a small seating area and a great selection of cold pressed juices. I tried a Majic Milk which had a blend of nuts, vanilla, and Blue Majic algae.  It was very creamy and good.  I also stopped by every morning to get an Acai Bowl which fresh fruit and chia seeds. The other shop I visited was called Zest.  They were just down the street from Native in the South Short area.  I also went to their location in Easton. Both were excellent.  I tried their Original Acai bowl and really liked their selection of juice. I had their “Beets by Zest juice with beet, carrot, apple, celery and lime.  Very tasty.

So, if you are ever in the Columbus Ohio area and need a shot of detox give one of these great stores a try.  For more info visit their websites at:

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