Larabar worth a look (and Taste)!

I am not a big fan of most processed foods.  They usually contain a large amount of bad ingredients that our body has a hard time dealing with.  So I look very carefully at the ingredient lists on any product I buy.  Most of the time I just pass most commercialized products right by.  But recently while visiting the large (this may be an understatement) Arnold Classic sports show and competition in Columbus, OH I received a free sample of the energy bar called “Larabar”.  It wasn’t until I got home that I had a chance to check my bag of brochures and found the Larabar sample inside.  Upon reading the ingredients I realized that these bars had very small ingredient lists.  In fact, the ingredients that they did list were all pretty healthy and natural.  Again, I have seen these bars around for quite a while but have passed them by because they were so readily available I just assumed they must have been filled with junk and preservatives.  I can say that this is not the case and I am now impressed with them and can recommend them as a great travel companion or lunch supplement.  Would even be great for that in-flight snack.  Check out their full line at:

Read the ingredient list and see for yourself!




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