Cleaning should not make you ill!

Have you every sprayed window cleaner while cleaning a window and had a sneeze attack?  Or do your eyes water after washing your floors?  Most cleaners are not very good for our health.  They are loaded with nasty chemicals which are very harmful to our bodies.  This is one of the main reasons I have looked for replacements to most of the cleaners that I use everyday as these are the ones that I come in contact to most often.  Although, I do tend to use a few different brands I really like the ones made by a company called “Better Life”.  I use several of their products like their all purpose cleaner called “What-Ever” or their floor cleaner called “Floored” which has a really great smell.  All of their products are free of the really bad chemicals and still do a great job of cleaning.   To check out their full line or to get more info go to their website at:

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