These chips can’t be beet!

When you are trying to follow a healthy diet it can be really difficult to find a snack food that you can eat.  Must are loaded with oil or salt and some have a list of ingredients that is far from nourishing.  But recently I ran across a new product which is not only healthy for you but also pretty good tasting as well.  This snack also gets my personal award for having the smallest ingredient list I have ever seen…its only content is beets!  Its called Beet Chips by Rhythm Superfoods.  I buy what they call the “naked” variety which is without salt but they also make a sea salt version.  I found them in the health food section of my local Kroger Supermarket but they may also be available in other places as well.  So the next time you are looking for a crunchy chip style snack pick up a bag of these because they can’t be beet!  Okay, bad line but it just had to be said!!  Check out more about Rhythm Superfoods at:

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