What is “Switchel”

I recently signed up for another health blog.  This will make about the 100th health blog that I am following.  Even though it is becoming quite a task I do read all of the emails I receive.  Part of the reason I do that is because I learn so much by getting all of the different opinions and information that each of them offer.   One of those pieces of information is what I am writing about today.  Yuri Elkaim is the new blogger I am following.  I do  not know that much about Yuri yet because I obviously have not read very many of his articles yet. One thing I do know from my limited grasp of his philosophy is that he has the correct information regarding diet and exercise.  So I am developing some trust in what I am reading.  Well this week I read an article he wrote about making “Switchel”.   So what is Switchel you ask?  Well it is a health drink that is made from pure water, lemon, ginger, apple cider vinegar and a little honey or maple syrup.  Apparently, this combination of ingredients is good for your health and tastes good as well.  I can attest to the flavor because about a week ago I was at the Royal Oak Farmers Market in Royal Oak, Michigan and there was a vendor there selling their own brand of Switchel called J.K.’s Haybaler Organic Switchel..  It has a sweet lemony apple flavor kind of like Kombucha without the fizz if you are familiar with that or kind of like ginger ale.  So you can buy Switchel if you have someone making it nearby or you can make your own with the following link to Yuri’s article which has a recipe:


To check out J.K.’s go to their website:


So try some if you have a chance I think you might like it.

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