The power of flame

We truly live in interesting times.  Human ingenuity is at an all time high in my opinion.  There are so many people thinking outside the box and developing creative solutions to so many interesting problems.  One such example came to my attention recently while I was perusing the Grommet website.  Grommet is a group that brings out creative products from small startup companies and individuals.  What caught my eye was a small startup that developed a small camping cook-stove that can also generate power.  The original idea was to have a way to charge mobile devices while camping but the idea has grown to giving  third-world countries a way of getting power to the masses inexpensively.  The product is very basic and can be easily mass produced and shipped.  Another thing that you will notice is how many of the modern inventors not only make something useful but also something that will help society as well.

To see this unique idea go to the Grommet website at the following address:


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