Straight talk with sass – hold the bull!

I have been following Molly Patrick since see started blogging.  It has been quite a ride.  Molly is a very colorful and interesting blogger. She truly understands the difficulty of following a healthy diet and shedding your demons in the process because she lived it.  She knows, first hand, what it takes to transition from the standard american way of eating to a whole unprocessed food diet.   I follow a lot of different people on the web and I can say first hand that her advice is really good regarding making a healthy transition.  She understands that this is not a race but a journey and that we are all human.  We are going to slip up on this path and she assures us that this alright. None of us is perfect.  One word of caution though, she uses some colorful language occasionally but does so in a lighthearted and comic way.  No matter what stage you are at on your own journey, I highly recommend getting on her email list.  Also for past articles go to her recipe page on her website.  Each recipe is attached to the article in which it was originally sent out.  Her website is:

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