Gluten-Friend or villain?.

Throughout the world the one thing that seems to be common to pretty much all civilizations is some form of bread.  You can be in one of the most remote villages and someone there is baking.  So why is it that we have such a push to remove gluten from our diet?  Is it more the type of bread that is the problem and not the bread itself?  Certainly there must be a difference between our modern preservative laced varieties and the pure whole grain breads of old.  In all honesty I am really not sure of the answer.  I have read a lot on the subject and am finding that both sides of the bread / no bread argument have some really great points.  I personally do not do well with bread which stinks because a really like it.  I have tried a wide range of types from the basic white to the densest of Ryes and I do not do well with them.  For me bread throws me into depression almost like turning on a switch.  I can eat it for one day but if I do it 2 or 3 I start feeling bad.  What is the real cause, again I am not sure.  It is possible it is related to wheat gluten but there was very little in the Rye bread I tried.

According to Dr John Douillard it could be that my digestive processes may be compromised.  My next move will be to work on that area and improve it and thus regain the ability to eat more digestive intense foods like bread.  I will report in on my progress in that area.  See article on the 3 season diet by Dr Douillard.

For those of you that would like to become more educated on the subject I have the following sources:

  • On the no-bread side is Dr Douglas Graham with his book “Grain Damage”.  His site is:
  • Another no-bread advocate is Dr David Perlmutter and his book “Grain Brain”.  His site is:
  • On the probread side we have Dr John Douillard and his book “Eat Wheat” His site is:
  • This link is for an interesting debate on wheat between Dr Douillard and Dr. Perlmutter (50 Minutes).

For a good source of handcrafted breads baked with only simple ingredients check out Field and Fire in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   There website is:

Let me know what your experience has been with grains and bread in a comment below!


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