Wheatgrass -More than just a healthy lawn!

You can’t enter the health world without crossing the path of Wheatgrass.  It shows up everywhere-in books, magazines , articles, television and also at high-end juice shops.

But what is Wheatgrass?  Wheatgrass is the young shoot of Wheat.  This is the same Wheat that is used for making bread but for Wheatgrass it is harvested at a young growth point when the blade first splits. This is when the grass has the most nutrition.  Once the grass is cut it is run through a special juicer to get the Wheatgrass juice.  The juice is what is consumed.    The amount to drink is generally about 2 ounces per day but can vary depending on your health.  See below for links to equipment for juicing Wheatgrass:

  • A great manual juicer (I use this brand) http://www.healthyjuicer.com/
  • Power Juicer options Omega Juicers  https://www.omegajuicers.com/
  • Tribest Juicers http://www.tribest.com/

Is Wheatgrass really healthy for you?  The research indicates that it is.   Many studies have been done on grass foods, which also include other grasses like barley, and they seem to indicate that the vitamin and minerals found in this bright green plant can be very helpful to our human chemistry.  Clinics like Hippocrates in Florida have treated people with anything from cancer to skin or digestive issues and have been very successful at turning them around.  Often their protocols include other healthy lifestyle changes but much of the recovery is attributed to the power of the Wheatgrass itself.  See link below to Hippocrates:

The internet is full of information on all aspects of Wheatgrass from its medicinal uses to the growing of it at home.   A great book on Wheatgrass called “Wheatgrass -Natures Finest Medicine” by Steve Meyerowitz otherwise known as the Sproutman.  This book covers all aspects of Wheatgrass and I highly recommend reading it.

  • Info on Sproutman – https://sproutman.com/

Growing your own Wheatgrass is not at all difficult as it grows very easily and does not require a lot of attention.  For those that do not have the time or desire to grow their own there are quite a few groups that grow it and sell it.   Here are some links to growers:

As a final note I have been drinking Wheatgrass for a few years and personally like it.  The best way to try it at first is to visit a juice shop that sells it before you invest it expensive equipment.  A shot will cost you about $3.00.  I was once told that the taste of it depends on your diet…The worse you eat the worse it tastes…Not sure if this is true but it kind of makes sense.

Have something to add?  Comment below!!!

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