You can’t visit Hawaii without having some Poi!!

Yes any trip to Hawaii would not be complete without the native staple food called Poi.  It is the one thing, other than fantastic weather, that Hawaii is well known for.  But what is Poi and what does it taste like?  Honestly I have been to Hawaii several times and I don’t remember trying it so a recent article by Frederic Patenaud at Renegade Health gave me some good insight into this mysterious Hawaiian food.  See the link below to his article.

Frederic’s Article on Poi 

In Frederic’s article he mentions a mail order source for a powdered form of Poi which I ended up buying and trying.  My first attempt at making it was not fully successful but it really does not have much taste. There is a little bit of flavor but it is hard to describe but maybe it is like liquid celery pudding.   Well you will just have to try some for yourself and report back as to what you think!!

To buy the powdered Poi go to the following site:

Taro Poi on Amazon

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