Skyebird Organic – Orlando

Over the last 5 years or so I have been noticing a trend in food.  It kind of follows the whole farm to table movement.  It is the rise of the food marketplace.  You mainly see them in large urban centers where the rent on larger warehouse type buildings allows for some creative use of the space.  One great example of this type of marketplace is the East End Market located in the Audubon District neighborhood of Orlando, Florida.  The Market is located in a reused office type building.  The building itself is not overly large but contains quite a few food related micro-business such as Gideons Bakehouse, Houndstooth Sauce Company, Farm Haus -Farm to Table, Cuisiniers Catering, La Femme Du Fromage, Lineage Coffee Roaster, Local Roots – produce, Olde Hearth Bread Company, Porch Therapy -Gifts and Floral and lastly, the topic of this note, Skyebird Organic Juice Bar and Experimental Kitchen.  Skyebird is just one of those cool juice bars that is far from cookie cutter in their menu.  I love the innovative and homemade ingredients that they use. Smoothies such as their “Ayurvedic Coffee” or “Superfood” smoothie are really good.     They also have a selection of salads and of course my favorite the “Acai bowl” which they serve in a jar…Don’t Ask!!

For more info on either Skyebird or the East End Market check out their websites below:

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