Kale Krunchy Kale Chips

I love kale chips if they are done right.  What I mean by right is probably a personal preference thing but I do not like Garlic or Onion so I prefer my Kale with more simple yet flavorful ingredients like Lemon and Nutritional Yeast (Nooch for the foody hipsters).  If you do not know what Kale Chips are they are basically Kale that is torn into small squares and the seasoned and baked into crispy chips.  They can easily be made at home and there are many recipes on the internet.  They go from simple salted Kale to the more extravagant chips coated with nut butters and exotic spices.  I have made many batches myself and mostly use almond butter with cinnamon for sweeter chips or cumin for a middle eastern flavor.  Recently while walking the aisles at Whole Foods I noticed a new brand of Kale chips from a company called Alive & Radiant called Kale Krunch.   They had several flavors to choose from and after carefully reading the ingredients I found one called Superfood that did not contain Onion or Garlic. (I am not a fan of the O and G!) Needless to say I was doing the happy dance!!!  Once in a while it is nice to find a product that matches how you would make it at home for those occasions when you are too lazy to do your own!!

For more info on Kale Kruch or to see their other flavors check out their website at  http://aliveandradiant.com/

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