Better Blending

For anyone who is following a healthy diet using a blender becomes a big part of your life.   I personally have worn out several in the 10 years since I switched my diet.   When I used to talk to other people in the health movement they always would tell me “buy a good expensive blender – It will pay for itself over time”  Well I would listen and then just keep buying the cheaper model.   Part of the reason was also that as I gave out health advice I wanted to prove that you could be on a healthy diet without having to buy expensive tools.   If I could do it with a inexpensive blender then anyone could.   Well now that I am older and wiser I can now say you should probably invest in a good blender because I just received a Vitamix for Christmas and it really does make a big difference.   My other small blenders did the job and blended my fruit and greens well but there was always small un-blended greens left.  It also took longer to blend than it does with the Vitamix so maybe part of the cost justification could be in power savings!!.

So the bottom line is save up and get a good blender as you will have it for a long time and it will blend much better.

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