Winter is the season for healthy fats!

Winter means more healthy fats…..

Fall and Winter are the time of year to get more healthy fats into your diet.   Fats help us stay warmer just like a Bear headed for the cave for hibernation….  So it is time to add some more nuts, seeds and lightly processed nuts like peanut or almond butter or almond or pecan milk to your menu.   Avocado and coconut are also great choices….conversely it is also time to reduce your intake of spring greens.

But remember that this means healthy fats…..this does not include liquid fats like olive or canola oil or animal fats like bacon….these are highly concentrated and should not be part of a healthy diet.

Product suggestions:  try grain free granolas like:

Paleonola  at

Carlo’s Grain Free Granola  at

Box Bites  at

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