Pure Clean Water – How to get it.

We have all heard about the water issues in Flint Michigan but what are we doing about our own water issues.  OK, we may not have a water issue but most likely we are not really sure what is in our water.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a water supply we can trust is free of the little nasty things found in most tap water?  Turns out it may be easier than we think.  There are many water filters on the market to choose from but most of them are made of plastic -but isn’t plastic also a contaminant?  Well recently I ran across a simple and contaminant free filter that takes out all of the nasty chemicals including lead and also chlorine and bacteria as well.  It is also made of stainless steel so no plastic worries and it does not require any power other than gravity.  It is called a Berkey filter and has been sold on the other side of the ocean (Great Britain) for a while.  it is a very simple filter to operate – you just poor the water into the top and receive the clean water from a spigot on the bottom.  The cost to operate because the filters normally last around 10 years.   They come in several sizes with the most popular size called the “Big Berkey” running around $250.00.   That is kind of expensive for us budget minded health followers but when you way that against buying bottled water for 10 years it is not that bad.   Also it is nice to be in control of your water supply and you could also take this while traveling (by car at least – they do make a smaller travel version for flying also)

To get more info check out their website at:  www.berkeyfilters.com

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