Get those pedals moving!

With the growing popularity of bike rental programs in some of the larger cities it is getting harder and harder to avoid exercising.  Not only are they convenient but also inexpensive.  You can rent a bike in Chicago for about $7.00 per day.   I am sure the cost is similar in other cities as well.   Another nice feature is the ability to pick up and drop off any place they have a docking station which is pretty much everywhere!!  And with traffic in the big city you can often get to your destination faster by bike than by car….   But the main benefit is still the exercise.   Biking burns those stubborn fat calories….an hour on the bike equals about 300 calories of sweaty goodness!!  (Based on 150 lbs person pedaling less than 10 mph)

So the next time you see a bike rental, park the car and put the feet to the pedals…..your waistline will thank you…

For more info on Chicago’s bike program go to

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