Getting Juiced in Columbus!

During a recent visit to the center of Ohio, in the capital of that fine state, Columbus, I had the opportunity to try their healthy offerings.  I was very impressed with the local organic juice shops that I had the chance to try.  The first was called “Native” and was located in an area of Columbus called “South Short”.  They had a nice storefront with … Continue reading Getting Juiced in Columbus!

Larabar worth a look (and Taste)!

I am not a big fan of most processed foods.  They usually contain a large amount of bad ingredients that our body has a hard time dealing with.  So I look very carefully at the ingredient lists on any product I buy.  Most of the time I just pass most commercialized products right by.  But recently while visiting the large (this may be an understatement) … Continue reading Larabar worth a look (and Taste)!

Feed or Fight Disease!

A few weeks back I stopped into a local juice shop in Chicago to buy a smoothie and saw an interesting sign on their wall.   It said “Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it!”.  How true these words are.  The shop I was in was called “Fruve Xpress” and is located on Wabash Street near Roosevelt which … Continue reading Feed or Fight Disease!

Cleaning should not make you ill!

Have you every sprayed window cleaner while cleaning a window and had a sneeze attack?  Or do your eyes water after washing your floors?  Most cleaners are not very good for our health.  They are loaded with nasty chemicals which are very harmful to our bodies.  This is one of the main reasons I have looked for replacements to most of the cleaners that I … Continue reading Cleaning should not make you ill!